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Project update: 120k programs milestone reached!
We celebrate a new project milestone: more than 120k programs and 47k formulas for integer sequences have been found so far. A big Thank You! and shout out to all contributors of the LODA project!

During the last weeks and months, the mining rate (number of found programs) decreased, but we maintain a steady pace. At this point it is difficult to estimate how the rate will develop. During the last days we found many new programs for decimal expansions of log-constants. This is encouraging as we hope to find more programs for decimal expansions of irrational numbers.

In terms of tooling, we spend quite some effort in machine-learning and GPU-based program mining. These approaches yielded already some first findings, but they are still in an experimental phase and not ready for an integration in BOINC. In the coming weeks, we plan to invest more time again into our core mining app to increase the mining rate and improve the quality of the existing programs. Please continue your support for the project!
26 May 2023, 21:00:17 UTC · Discuss

Project update: 110k programs milestone reached!
Your contributions have pushed us to our new milestone of 110k programs. This is an amazing achievement. Thanks for your continuous support to the LODA project!

We have also made major progress on the tooling side to make our results more accessible and to better support research activities. We have created a new interactive programs website where you can search for programs that your miners submitted. To better support research activities, we have built a new feature for automatic formula and PARI/GP code generation for many LODA programs. In addition, we have improved the tweets on @lodaminer to make them more digestible and include your names.

Our next immediate goals are to make the programs website more mature and powerful, e.g., by supporting new keywords. We also plan to extend the formula generation to cover more complex programs. In terms of new programs, we would like to reach 120k programs by the end of January 2023. This is an ambitious goal but we hope to keep up our current pace, powered by your amazing support!
6 Dec 2022, 18:30:09 UTC · Discuss

Milestone reached: 100k programs!
We have reached the major milestone of 100k programs for OEIS integer sequences. This is an incredible achievement that was possible only by your amazing community support. Thank you all for your contributions to the LODA project! Special shout out to L'Alliance Francophone, who have boosted our findings during the last couple of weeks.

You have found many exciting new and faster programs for integer sequences. This includes decimal expansions of many irrational constants such as the Apéry constant (value of the Riemann Zeta function at n=3). Another major achievement is the discovery of an entire new class of programs related to partition numbers, which go back to Ramanujan.

In terms of tooling, we received support by the BOINC core team, which enabled us to provide ARM64 Linux platform and native Apple M1 support via a universal executable of the wrapper app. Quality remains one of our top priorities. While we already have a 94% pass rate on x86_64 Linux, we still aim at reducing errors on other platforms. Since we cannot catch up analyzing all the new programs manually (currently more than 100 per day), we plan to develop a new major feature that shall allow us to automatically derive formulae (recurrence relations) from many LODA programs.

Our next target milestone is 110k programs. We hope to keep up the amazing mining rate of >100 new programs per day. Thank you for your sustained support to the LODA project!
3 Oct 2022, 10:31:39 UTC · Discuss

Project Status Update
I'm pleased to announce that we have reached a new milestone: more than 90,000 mined programs for OEIS integer sequences. Thank you all for your contributions to the LODA project!

Since our last major milestone in late of May, we have made various improvements to our mining tool, our infrastructure and project websites. This includes among others:

Our next target milestone is to reach 100,000 programs. We plan to improve the quality of the mined programs by including additional data sources and extend the configuration of the miners to improve the mining rates. Reducing errors stays one of our top priorities. We rely on your support for reaching our next milestone and highly appreciate your contributions!

The LODA Team
29 Jun 2022, 16:28:32 UTC · Discuss

Server up again
We had an unplanned downtime for a few hours. All servers are up and running again. You can continue mining again (new work units are available). Sorry for the inconvenience.
25 May 2022, 6:47:36 UTC · Discuss

Unplanned downtime
We have an unplanned downtime of one of our servers. Please stop the mining until further notice. Sorry for the inconvenience.
24 May 2022, 22:30:11 UTC · Discuss

Checkpoints enabled
We have published the new app version 220523. It includes several fixes for networking issues and adds checkpoint support. This allows you to resume your computations after restarts.
23 May 2022, 19:55:39 UTC · Discuss

Milestone reached: 80k programs!
We have reached our first milestone: 80,000 programs! Thanks a lot for your contributions. This is amazing and helps us a lot to move the project forward.

Thank you also for your great feedback in the forum and on Slack. We try to fix all issues that you encounter. We also plan to work on two feature requests: milestone badges and checkpoints. For the milestone badges, if you have any suggestions for images that we can use, please post them in this thread:

Looking ahead, our long-term goal is to find programs for all of the 350k integer sequences at OEIS. So please keep on mining -- we highly appreciate your contributions. Thank you!!!

The LODA team
20 May 2022, 16:20:16 UTC · Discuss

LODA on BOINC started!
I'm happy to announce that LODA is now running on BOINC! If you are interested in contributing compute power to find new programs for integer sequences, please join.
13 May 2022, 12:53:48 UTC · Discuss

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