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Team search results

Team search results

The following teams match one or more of your search criteria. To join a team, click its name to go to the team page, then click Join this team .

Team nameDescriptionAverage creditTypeCountry

BOINC team USA for Citizens, Friends and Patriots of the United States of America
Our Mission: Advance science and have fun one CPU cycle at a time!
One of the long-standing traditions of distributed computing projects is the formation of teams. Not just a tradition, a little healthy competition encourages active participation, to the general gain of the project.

BOINC team USA was created to show we have American pride and that good ol' American know-how is still a reality. If you're a patriotic American, this is the team to join. Embrace our motto of "United we stand". If you're not an American, you're still welcome! This has always been a country with open arms.

Visit our team forums. Reading is free without registration. Team members can register and will be granted access to additional private areas after verification of team membership - please use your BOINC alias to help us verify your team status.

Follow us on Twitter @BOINCUSA!

1,729.01 National United States


2,834.42 Other Korea, South
BOINC Synergy


BOINC enthusiasts from around the world


✅ Members from over 80 countries

863.82 Other International

Join us ! Send a private message to actual team founder or admin ! The real founder disappers. So we are busy to take over. He builded a wide team, very big and great idea. But to mange it, we need to take all project, one by one !!! The team for Belgians and their friends, who love participate on research and the smell of glowing red cpu's in the morning.

Help build the BOINC.BE image

53.19 National Belgium
BOINC Heidelberg

Wir sind das Team von BOINC@Heidelberg, dem sympathischen Team aus Deutschland für jedermann. Wir sind bei nahezu allen BOINC Projekten vertreten.

We are the team of BOINC@Heidelberg, the sympathic team from Germany for everyone. You can find us at almost every BOINC project around.

9.28 Other Germany


Australians that want to participate in BOINC and give a definite Aussie Presence. Australians world wide are welcome and encouraged to join the #1 Aussie Alliance. As the song goes: Come on Aussie come on, come on.

BOINC@AUSTRALIA has a team in all the active BOINC projects.

5,912.97 Other Australia

Bienvenido a CANAL@Boinc, el primer equipo de boinc hispano. Toda la ayuda que necesites, todas las dudas que tengas, todas las preguntas que siempre quisiste hacer, podras hacerlo en el foro sobre Computacion Distribuida en español mas participativo y ameno de la red. Unete a nosotros y aporta tu granito de arena por la ciencia con el mejor equipo de habla hispana. Tenemos un grupo en Telegram donde podrás resolver todas tus dudas, estar en contacto con los compañeros y recibir las últimas noticias:

20.37 Other Spain


Our Team forum

Updated 14th Feb 2021:
Special Note: Some projects rely on donations as many do not receive state or corporate grants and without funds, the project can close...and all their good work, might end up doing nothing. So, please consider making a donation, no matter how small, to help your favourite project to allow it to continue with its research.

111,879.64 National United Kingdom

BOINC@Poland jest jednym z najstarszych polskich zespołów zrzeszającym największą ilość osób w Polsce. Już od 2004 roku jako jedyny zespół w Polsce umożliwiamy liczenie pod jedną banderą we wszystkich projektach BOINC. Obecnie B@P zajmuje 10 miejsce na świecie i walczy o kolejne wyższe lokaty. </br> Jeżeli dołączyłeś do projektu i będziesz potrzebował więcej informacji na jego temat albo BOINC lub innych projektów, znajdziesz je na Wiki BOINC@Poland. Jeżeli będziesz chciał możesz również odwiedzić nasze forum, na którym codziennie użytkownicy zadają pytania, odpowiadają na nie i wymienią się pomysłami jak lepiej zmieniać świat za pomocą platformy BOINC. Dla wielu członków B@P wspieranie nauki za pomocą platformy BOINC to największe hobby. Dołącz do nas, postaramy się jak najsympatyczniej Cię przywitać. </br> B@P na image image</br></br></br> image

2,455.44 National Poland
Team China

Welcome all from China mainland, TaiWan, HongKong, Macau. </br></br> Welcome all Chinese all over the world. </br></br> Welcome all BOINC users! </br></br></br> 欢迎所有 BOINC 用户加入 Team China 团队

138.12 Other China

31.99 Local/regional Taiwan
The Scottish Boinc Team

Welcome to The Scottish Boinc Team ( established in 1999 as Scotland's Seti ), one of the oldest and, we'd like to think, best Boinc teams around. After joining the team here, head over to our forum TSBT Team Forum and Join us.

We crunch for all Boinc projects and are always adding new ones as they come along. Our aim is to use our spare computing power to advance human knowledge while enjoying some friendly competition amongst ourselves and with other teams. So if you're Scottish by birth, ancestry, residence, emotional attachment or even if you've no link whatsoever with Scotland but just fancy being part of a lively friendly team, please come join us, everyone is welcome

Join the TSBT Team Forum. Take part in shaping your team, chat, get help and advice or help others. Participate in Team challenges and competitions both with ourselves and other rival teams. It's a very informative, user and newbie friendly, forum with stats, team and individual milestones, information and lots of help. Come join us, you will be assured of a warm welcome and it's easy to do.

Come see our website and forum.TSBT Team Forum

Reading is free without registration. Team members can Register and will be able to immediately post and be granted access to additional private team areas.

5.63 National United Kingdom

7.43 National Germany
BOINC Confederation

20,459.48 Other International

SETI.Germany ist das größte deutschsprachige BOINC-Team und bei vielen Projekten des Distributed Computing (Verteiltes Rechnen) tätig. Die Themen der Projekte umfassen eine große Bandbreite, unter anderem Astrophysik, Medizin, Biologie, Chemie, Mathematik und angewandte Informatik. Gegründet wurde das Team im Jahre 1999 beim Projekt SETI@home, was ihm den bis heute beibehaltenen Namen gegeben hat.

Auf unserer Website finden sich für unsere Mitglieder und Gäste eine Vielzahl von Informationen und Raum zum Austausch rund um SETI.Germany, die Projekte und vieles mehr:

image Forum
image Wiki
image Blog
image Chat (IRC)

image SETI.Germany bei Facebook
image SETI.Germany bei Twitter

image SETI.Germany in den BOINCstats
image SETI.Germany-Statistikbanner (BOINCstats)

Wir würden uns freuen, auch dich als Mitglied unserer Community begrüßen zu dürfen. :-)

13,884.23 Local/regional Germany
Boinc Team Gruppe 2004

Dies ist das Team "Gruppe 2004" Neben diesem Projekt,beteilligen wir uns auch an andere BOINC-Projekte. Alle egal wo Ihr auch zuhause seid Ihr seid herzlichst dazu eingeladen bei unserem Team mit zumachen! Wir helfen mit...!

387.51 National Austria

Our Goal ... We strive to achieve our best with the equipment that we purchased out of our own pocket. We try to minimize the rules to the absolute minimum with the aim of treating each other as you would love to be treated by somebody else. We do not wish to interfere in your own goal and acknowledge that you may do with what you wish with your equipment and do your own thing. Collectively, your efforts will result in our overall team statistics ... To Join us ... If you are a BOINC user and wish to join our Team & or Forum Registration is now open @ ... Please Note, You must use your current BOINC User Name to Register so that we may allocate you to the right Group with appropriate permissions. This is necessary for security reasons. Failure to use your current BOINC User Name & to identify you will result in your Registration not being accepted.

408.73 Computer type International


0.28 Other India

BOINCstats provides great user, host, team and country stats for all BOINC projects.

Also try BAM!, the BOINC Account Manager.

Team members have access to the private SOFA forums on, filled with useful information.

BAM!: image BOINCstats provides great user, host, team and country stats for all BOINC projects.

Also try BAM!, the BOINC Account Manager.

Team members have access to the private SOFA forums on, filled with useful information.

BAM!: image BOINCstats provides great user, host, team and country stats for all BOINC projects.

Also try BAM!, the BOINC Account Manager.

Team members have access to the private SOFA forums on, filled with useful information.


2,778.89 Other International
L'Alliance Francophone


549,555.50 Other International

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